Qiangdafoods’ Tourism in 2019


2019.05.13 1953

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, further enhance team spirit, improve the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, and reflect the company's cultural atmosphere, on May 9-12, 2019, we organized Nanjing, Huangshan,Hongcun and Yangzhou Slender West Lake for four days activity.

      1st Day,  Everyone was excited and ready to go.

  We arrived at the Confucius Temple Commercial Street in Nanjing and tasted 

               various specialty snacks in Nanjing.

  2nd day, we conquered Huangshan and experienced the difficulty of climbing. 

Everyone helped ,assist and encouraged each other, increased the cohesiveness of the team, 

and overcome the difficulties. Finally, everyone reached the highest peak –Guest Greeting Pine.

  3rd Day, We visited Hongcun and was enchanted by the beauty of Hongcun's paintings. 

The village of Hongcun is harmoniously co-existing with the floor and the courtyard. 

The natural landscape and the humanistic connotation complement each other. 

It is a bionic-shaped building in the ancient village of the cow-shaped water system. 

It is known as a miracle of the world's historical and cultural heritage. It is called the village in Chinese painting ".


     4th day We visited Slender West Lake.  


Qiangdafoods has always been to let "Client Relieved, Staff pleased " as our philosophy, hope to build a career platform for every employee, let everyone enjoy their charm on this stage. This tourism activity not only eased the stress and nervous emotion of employee, but also enhanced the team cohesiveness, fully showed our company Sprite “Honest & Focus, Win-Win hand in hand”, everyone will devote more enthusiasm to future work.