Quality Control
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On quality control

we keep insisting quality policy “ Observe laws and regulations, operate strictly standards, be safe and qualified, improve continuously and effectively, meet customer’s requirements”.

1、Raw material control:

We have the planting field or cooperating with local agricultural cooperatives in different kinds chili/paprika origin, signing the planting and management agreement, from seeding, transplanting, field management, picking, drying etc all processing are in our trace and management, ensure all items of paprika/chili quality qualified, realize quantity and quality of raw material in control.QC will test every lot of raw material according to “Raw /ingredients material check and accept” standard, to make sure the quality of material into storage fit for standard.


2.Processing Control on producing

Production are completely according to the HACCP system, control potential hazards. QC supervise the production process constantly, check production according to the process and formula, take sample for testing in time during production according to the sampling frequency rule,to guarantee final products quality up to laws, regulations and customer’s requirements 。


3.Final products testing

The laboratory has been equipped with microorganism room, Chemical laboratory and R&D room.We have four professional qualification certificated lab technicians, we have test instruments such as Japanese Shimadzu photometer, Mettler electronic scales, Mettler moisture meter, and the Swiss Novasina water activity instrument and so on many kinds of detecting instruments and equipments. Can test ASTA,pungency, insect fragment & rodent hairs, moisture, water activity, mesh, ash, acid insoluble ash, density, iron, salinity, microorganisms including TPC, coliform, mold, yeast, e. coli, ochratoxin, bacillus cereus, and other quality indicators project.Others such as aflatoxin, heavy metal, Sudan red always use the third-party inspection. We set up partnership with several third-party detection institutions, such as CIQ, Eurofin, Sino, SGS, etc., to guarantee our quality.

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